Active C 美白精华 C 2 gram (1 pcs) 2g

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The newly developed high-tech skin care products have absolute curative effect on the skin. When it comes into contact with the skin, it melts from a powder into a liquid, which quickly penetrates the skin. High-purity vitamin C resists oxidation and diminishes black pigment to achieve whitening effect and prevent freckles.新研发的高科技护肤品, 对肌肤有绝对的疗效。 当接触肌肤时,它从粉 状融化为液体,进而迅 速渗透肌肤,高纯度维 他命C抗氧化,淡化黑 色素以达到美白肌肤效 果,亦能预防黑斑雀斑。

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